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Value proposition canvas

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Jörn Hendrik A.
Sales coaching
Areas of Expertise:Value proposition, Value proposition canvas, Elevator pitch, Acquisition, Sales strategy, Argumentation
Description:No matter if your business is B2C or B2B – all negotiation and contact in sales is H2H – Human to Human. Sales is no art or some skill you have been born with, it’s perfectly learnable. I will teach you how.
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Maximilian S.
Business Model Canvas
Areas of Expertise:New services, New business development, Business model innovation, Value proposition canvas, Business coaching, Business model design
Description:Businessplan und Geschäftsidee visualisieren und ihre Marktfähigkeit testen Entwickelt von Alexander Osterwalder bietet die Methode Business Model Canvas eine ideale Grundlage dafür, Ideen für neue Businessmodelle um Rahmen der Existenzgründung und neue Geschäftsfelder einer bestehenden Organisation strukturiert zu designen und schnell an ...
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Wilken B.
Business coaching
Areas of Expertise:Strategy, Lean Startup, Vernetzung, Focusing, Venture Capital, Working on a vision and goals, Entrepreneurship, Pitch coaching, Value proposition canvas, Sales, Startup & Entrepreneurship, Networking, Fundraising, Customer Development, Business Model Canvas, Startups, Finanzierung
Description:I'm passionate about helping founders, so I'm always happy to help out anyone for an hour on a pay-as-you-want basis. Think of it as a mini-acceleration session. We'll figure out the strong and weak points of your business and you'll walk out with a clear idea of what to do next and how to do it.
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