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Lisa Marie T.
Areas of Expertise:Mindfulness coaching, Konfliktmanagement, Konflikttraining, Non-violent communication, Improve of communication and relationship skill, Stressmanagement, Corporate communications
Description:Ich biete Trainings zu folgenden Themen an: - Stressmanagement bzw. Reduktion - Achtsamkeit - Gewaltfreie Kommunikation - Kommunikation im Team - Konflikte erkennen und lösen
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Jazmin M.
Transformation process
Areas of Expertise:Personal development, Networking, Authenticity, Support change processes , Conflicts in families and partnerships, Highly sensitive person, Creativity, Creativity coaching, Life vision, Next-level-thinking, Self-development, Private coachings, Self-determined life, Self-discovery, Self-worth, Self-esteem and self-responsibility, Self-empowerment, Life & Business Coach, Training, Sales and communication coaching, Personal Coach + Trainer, Coaching for decision-making
Description:I support and invite individuals to come into their full self expression. I work with whatever is in the present moment with each individual. I guide the sessions with questions/comments based on what clients share. I offer an open, safe, and non-judgemental space as there is no wrong way to express what is within each individual.
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