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Science communication

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Ingrid L.
Areas of Expertise:Presentation training, Communication training, Corporate communications, Academic work and writing, Communication, Presentation structure, Presenting, Writing consulting on essays and exam work, Science communication
Description:Together we work on polishing your written work or presentations in English. I edit your work, but you get more than just corrections in return: you receive an analysis of the kinds of mistakes you make and some explanations and tips. This becomes your checklist for future tasks and I update it every time that we work together. We can also ...
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Christina C.
Areas of Expertise:Science communication, Technical topics, Academic work and writing, Blogging, Content marketing, Digital media
Description:"Es gibt nichts, was ein Publikum nicht verstehen kann. Die einzige Herausforderung ist, das Interesse der Menschen zu gewinnen – wenn sie erst einmal interessiert sind, können sie jede Sache auf der Welt verstehen." (Orson Welles) Digitalisierung verstehen und verständlich machen: Ich helfe Unternehmen und Privatleuten bei Konzept und ...
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Johanna H.
Online Marketing
Areas of Expertise:Digital career development, Science communication, Social media marketing
Description:Consultation services for SMEs, freelancers, scientists and others. Build your own website, learn how to utilize social media for your business and career, how to stay alert about latest trends in your field of expertise and share perspectives on issues and projects.
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