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Ingrid L.
Areas of Expertise:Presentation training, Academic work and writing, Corporate communications, Communication training, Communication, Presentation structure, Writing consulting on essays and exam work, Science communication, Presenting
Description:Together we work on polishing your written work or presentations in English. I edit your work, but you get more than just corrections in return: you receive an analysis of the kinds of mistakes you make and some explanations and tips. This becomes your checklist for future tasks and I update it every time that we work together. We can also ...
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Johanna H.
Public Relations
Areas of Expertise:Elevator pitch, Performance anxiety, Presentation structure, Presenting, Stage fright, Storytelling
Description:Effective communication skills for your career, Whether at a conference, during a job interview, or simply explaining to non-experts what you do - there are numerous occasions to present your work in public. Participants will practice and improve their presentation skills, receive constructive feedback and be equipped with techniques to give ...
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