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Johanna H.
Online Marketing
Areas of Expertise:Digital career development, Science communication, Social media marketing
Description:Consultation services for SMEs, freelancers, scientists and others. Build your own website, learn how to utilize social media for your business and career, how to stay alert about latest trends in your field of expertise and share perspectives on issues and projects.
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Lilian G.
Mindfulness coaching
Areas of Expertise:Self-reflection and presentation, Communication, Zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation, Selbst-Bewusstsein, Self-confidence - self-esteem, Creativity training , Stressmanagement, Executive Coaching, Emotional intelligence, Awareness competence, Digital brand management, Digital career development, Digital media, Digitization, Leadership competencies, Develop your management potential, Leadership, Employee management, Productivity, Selbstmanagement, Self-determined life, Sovereignty, Training for empathic and non-violent communication, Teamcoaching, Stress reduction, Team culture and values, Transformation process
Description:Im Zeitalter der Ablenkung sehen sich die Menschen nach Ruhe. Gerade in einer Zeit, die durch Geschwindigkeit regiert wird, ist der Gegenpol der inneren Ruhe unabdinglich geworden. Regelmäßige Achtsamkeit und die Schärfung des Bewusstseins führt zu mehr Effizienz, Produktivität, emotionaler Intelligenz, Kreativität, Zufriedenheit, Gesundheit ...
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