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Culture clash coaching

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Justyna G.
Business coaching
Areas of Expertise:Branding and Identity, Competitive Market Analysis, Communication, Culture clash coaching, Culture shock, Self-reflection and presentation, Improve of communication and relationship skill
Description:,,I can give you nothing that has not already its being within yourself... All I can give you is the impulse, the key. I can help you to make your own world visible. That is all." Hesse You are probably curious to find a little bit more about me and the way I work. Let me satisfy your curiosity then! My two year experience in working as ...
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Katrin B.
Intercultural coaching
Areas of Expertise:Culture shock, Culture clash coaching, Life crises, Wachstumsprozess, Loneliness, Support change processes , Mindfulness coaching, Intercultural competence, Intercultural communication
Description:Lebst Du als Expat, Student, Freiberufler oder Künstler in Deutschland und findest das Leben hier als JapanerIn gar nicht so leicht? Bist Du manchmal einsam oder verstehst einfach nicht, warum die Menschen hier so "anders" sind? Weißt du nicht, wie Du Dein Leben hier angenehmer gestalten kannst, wie Du Freunde findest oder wie du mit den ...
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