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About Coachimo

Coachimo is an online platform for coaching and individual training, founded in late 2014 in Berlin by Jennifer Meister and Katja Manger. The platform will allow a coachee to find an appropriate coach or expert in the fields of business coaching, personal development and IT in just a few clicks. With detailed coach profiles and ratings of previous users, a coachee is given a detailed overview of their desired coach or expert prior to booking. It is free to register with Coachimo.

About the founders

Jennifer Meister is a marketing specialist with seven years of professional experience. Before Coachimo she was responsible for the international TV campaigns, outdoor advertising and display marketing at (part of the world's largest service platform ). Prior to this she worked at Rocket Internet. Katja Manger is a specialist in IT project management with over five years of experience and degrees in business administration and project management. She previously worked in the field of manufacturing improvement at Rolls-Royce Germany, and currently works for Gematik, one of the largest IT projects in Europe, doing IT project management.