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Annie X.

Health coach

Berlin, Deutschland

Areas of Expertise

Nutrition coaching, Change habits, Positive psychology, Stress management, Lifestyle coaching


I offer health coaching in the areas of sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress and relationships in English, French and Greek. If you often feel unwell, tired or bloated; if you want to eat and be "healthy" but you're unsure of what that actually means because you feel overwhelmed by too much information; if your doctor told you that your symptoms are caused by stress but you have no idea how to go about managing it; if you already know exactly what new habits you need to adopt to get healthy, but have trouble sticking to them in the long-term; or if you find it difficult to fit new healthy habits into your busy schedule, I can help you regain your energy, take back control of your health and your life and unfold your best self.

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