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Annie X.

Health coach

Berlin, Deutschland

About Me

I was born in Cyprus 30-something years ago. ​Through my own journey with health issues, I discovered Functional Medicine and the power of lifestyle changes. Having worked on my own lifestyle, I can attest to that power and have made it my vocation to share it with others. The following Functional Medicine principles are core to what I do: - We are not a victim of our bodies – diseases don’t just appear out of nowhere; and if we listen to and support our body we can give it the power it needs to heal - We are not slaves to our genes – just because our parents had X, does not mean we will too - What we do, every day, counts. The foods we eat, how much sleep we are getting, how we deal with stress and with the people around us, the thoughts we are having and whether or not we move our bodies can have a tremendous impact on our health - There’s a huge difference between not being sick (i.e. not suffering from an acute disease such as cancer) and being truly well: having energy, being present and able to enjoy life to the fullest I put my trust in the healing powers of "the ordinary things you do every day": real food, good sleep, physical movement, managing stress and relationships. I also truly believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and no magic recipe. Do I do yoga? Yes. Do I meditate? Yes. Do I eat gluten? No. But that doesn't mean you should/shouldn't too.


Graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. (Other than that I have a degree in sociolinguistics and a masters in interpreting and translation, as well as 6 years experience working as a communications manager)


6 years experience as a communications manager for an association. Born and raised in Cyprus, lived in Paris, Brussels, the U.K, and Berlin. Coached clients with different health issues: Hashimoto's, anxiety, emotional eating, stress management, low energy

My Interests

Health and wellness, positive psychology, music, figure skating, languages, photography, dance.


I can coach in: English, Français

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