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Johanna B.

Business and life coach

Berlin, Deutschland

Areas of Expertise

Communication, Focus and more clarity in life, Self-empowerment, Health coach, Personal Coach/Teamcoach, Training, Ziele-Wünsche-Visionen, Bewusstseinstraining / Life-Coaching / Persönlichkeitsentwicklung


COACHING FOR AUTHENTIC HEALTH & INSPIRING SUCCESS - You choose: Coaching in English (second home South Africa) or German (mother tongue) - Stop stagnation, failing communication or any negativity now! Melt back into your healthy success formula, for you & your company. .. Break through into your (team`s) happiness, powerful wellbeing and deep purpose- create inspiring success! I help you from a bird perspective. Let`s fly😊 Who are you (as a company) and who do you want to be? How can your team move forward? Understand how YOU declare success and what YOU want from life/ business. Get decisions done, melt through anxiety and crisis, find your driving motivation, form targets and activate ressources. Discover the core principles of your holistic health, happiness and connection: Create your authentic storyline – live your (company`s) life in inspiring success. - For Individuals, Groups, Students or Corporates. It`s all about finding back to the core principles and healthy growth structures of your private and company`s success (health, wealth, happiness). I offer: Holistic Life & Health Coaching (Personal Development, Body-Mind-Soul- Wellbeing, Resilience, Deepening Relationships, Overcome Stuck States, Selfrealisation, Creative Softskills Training, Authentic Success and Happiness) Profession & Purpose Coaching (Who are YOU, what do YOU want from life and your profession + career, how do YOU declare success, what possibilities do YOU have, how to strucuture- decide and process- activate ressources/ form solutions, how to apply Idea Management and creative Design Thinking, which softskills do I need, how to grow into who I am and want to be?) Break Through Coaching (All the above, for your specific topic. Challenges in your team/ company, Growth wanted towards driving motivation and efficency, Support needed in Certain Life Periods, First Aid- Depressed and alone?) By discovering the underlaying core issues, by getting to know tools to change your (team`s) repressing mind programmes and by understanding your body behavioural patterns plus emotional systems, you can change your (company`s) life. If suitable we prepare an action plan, how to achieve your (company`s) targets, step by step. Authentic Success and Happiness Selfrealisation & Personal Development Living your Joyful Purpose Breaking through Stuck State Support in Crisis & Life Decisions Living Connection (inner and outer) These qualifications form the base of my work: • Mind-orientated coaching methods (Certified in: Systemic Solution Orientated-, Landmark Forum-, NLP- Coaching. Eg tools like meta perspective, detecting repressing mind programmes, positive affirmations, communication skills, timeline, role games, creative idea management, theatre and dance improvisation. Share my expertise and experience) • Body-orientated coaching tools (Certified in: Body Mind Coaching, Hands On/ Manual Resistance, Emotional and Fascia Release Work, Dance Pedagogy, Relaxation Tools (progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation/ trance work, body scan, feldenkrais), Therapeutic Yoga Work, Breathing Techniques (from yoga, kinesiology, dance, bodywork, middenhoff method) • Holistic Body Therapy and Dance Pedagogy (many certifications, see under `Massage and Body Therapy`) • Creative and improvisational movement and voice work as a tool for expression, connection and personal empowerment (see examples under `the Techniques I use`) • Creative Idea Management to discover your (heart) core, personal values, authentic interests .. for real inner and outer empowerment • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition/ Health Consultant Also on offer: WHAT THE HEALTH😊 TRAININGS For Groups, Organisations, Corporates: Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Positive Psychologie Mindfulness and Body Awareness Meaningfulness and Spirituality Therapeutic Movement Training Living deep Connection (inner and outer) Creative Life and Health Skills Training Fitness and Health/ PT & Dance/ Holistic Prevention: Special Personal Training: Physical Health from Inside to Outside (Body-Mind Connection; Deep Functional Training/ Getting in Shape; Increase of Life Energy) Dance Tech Training: For Dancers who want to own, understand and know movement Powerful Body Awareness Training: For Movers who want to upgrade and improve their (daily) training success & For Speakers, Artists who are looking for more persuasive power, charisma and winning embodiment High Intensity Deep Work Training for Groups/ Fitness Studios (super prevention effects like physio therapy; combines functional training, martial arts, dance, breath and yoga) High Intensity Ballet Rip Training for Groups/ Fitness Studios (super prevention effects like physio therapy; combines functional training, fascia workout, dance and spiral dynamics of the body structure) Massage Training Workshops Selfexploration Training Workshops

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