Mounia B.

Personal Coach/Teamcoach

Berlin, Deutschland

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Support of change processes, Find the right job and make the right decisions, Communication, Leadership competencies, High performance, Managing your own and other people's perception, Project coaching, Corporate culture and values, Transformation process, Improve of communication and relationship skill, Communication with yourself and with others, Junior staff development, What do I really want?, Conflict in multilingual teams


32 years of age, millennial and multi-passionate entrepreneur I have developed a passion for people and for helping them thrive. I have a total of 7 years of experience in events' services, marketing, coaching and HR/people development and am self-employed since 2013, after a short career in banking. I have a natural curiosity for what makes people tick and for understanding the underlying dynamics of human behaviour, that are not always so apparent at first sight. I believe that the majority of issues prevalent in organisations are due to misunderstandings, miscommunication, power struggles and ineffective leadership. Of course there is never just one reason for any problem. The complexity of problems and their many angles is something I am passionate and skilled at uncovering. My speciality lies in the people aspect of things. We all know that people are an organisations's most important assets, yet we all struggle to live that in practice. As a t-shaped thinker I have a wide variety of interests, skills, capacities and experience ranging from my academic studies in business, management, leadership and organisational psychology, to my multicultural understanding and background, fluency in 4 languages, musical & acting/performing abilities, event management, communication skills, coaching & facilitating, presenting, Pilates training instructor etc. This broad capacity coupled with my well-rounded experience in HR, Event Management, Communications, Live Marketing, Direct Marketing, Creative Writing (Im a Huffington Post Contributor), Entrepreneurship, People Development/Change Work/Training, has allowed me to look at people and problems with a different perspective. I am particularly interested in coaching people & teams who are looking for the following results: - Improved self-awareness which leads to a change in behaviour and different results. - Understanding of self and others leading to more compassion & empathy. - Feeling more at ease and relaxed which improves overall performance & increased productivity. - Clearer and more effective communication. - Improved creativity and ideas (as a result of understanding your personal „flow“). My coaching style is based on the following guiding principles: - Coaching as a sounding board. - Coaching as a feedback mechanism. - Coaching as a mirror: your hidden „blindspots“ uncovered. - Coaching as a reflection point: uncover your. underlying motivations, get clear on your "why"/your vision, get ideas flowing for your business & team. - Coaching as a resource to shift your behaviour & attitude. - Coaching as a way to uncover your strengths and learn to harness them: being in your „flow“ state. I am available for coaching in the following areas: Team dynamics: resolving underlying issues blocking the flow in your team, understanding where and why communication is ineffective. This can be done through hosting group coaching dialogues at your offices or wherever we choose to meet. Bring your team along and through dialogue moderated by myself we can get to the bottom of things, generate greater clarity of the issues at hand, and find effective solutions. Leadership style: understand your personal leadership style, your blindspots and how your leadership impacts those people around you. By learning about yourself and your hidden dynamics, you can improve your leadership skills, communicate more effectively and become a better leader. Millennials: you either are a millennial yourself or have millennials in your team. Business vision/team vision: group coaching for teams to ask yourself some deeper questions about where your team/organisation wants to go, why and what needs to change. If you're looking for a fresh perspective, a desperately needed change in culture, then a group coaching/dialogue is a great way to start this process.

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