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Jonas (Jörg) G.

Online Marketing , Online business coach

Berlin, Deutschland
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About Me

**** German below/Deutsche Beschreibung unten*** Hi, I am Jonas, I am Psychologist, Coach and Entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs unleash their authentic success to run thriving meaningful business with ease. I coach in English and German. **** MEET JONAS GOLDT *** Jonas is an entrepreneur and business psychologist on a mission to spread a new perspective on how we do business. A mission for more freedom, more peace of mind, and more abundance. Jonas learned it the hard way what it means to be a start-up founder with a team as well as to be a solopreneur running an online business. As many business owners he was trapped in the typical behavior of hustling, working hard, and losing energy and, finally, joy. This experience brought him to the insight being an entrepreneur needs to be different - big time! Having recognized that everyone is 100% responsible for their situation, Jonas deepened his understanding of mindset, inner work and psychology as ultimate keys to success. His insights were so game-changing he made it to his mission to share them with the world. Now Jonas works with business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches to help them reach their true potential and uncover their hidden superpowers, overcome their success blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors - and leverage smart habits and techniques of modern CEOs. *** German/Deutsch *** Hallo, ich bin Jonas (Jörg), ich bin Diplom-Psychologe, Coach & Entrepreneur. Ich helfe Entrepreneuren, Coaches und Experten, ihren authentischen Erfolg zu entfalten, um mit Leichtigkeit ein florierendes bedeutungsvolles Business zu führen. Ich coache in Englisch und Deutsch.


I studied Psychology at the Humboldt-University of Berlin majoring in Work and Organizational Psychology **** German/Deutsch **** Diplom-Psychologie an der Humboldt-Universtität zu Berlin mit Schwerpunkt Arbeits-, Ingenieur- und Organisationspsychologie.


Since 2015 I am a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of a startup. Since 2017 I also work as coach for entrepreneurs. *** German/Deutsch *** Ich bin seit 2015 Co-Founder und Chief Product Officer eines Startups. Seit 2017 arbeite ich auch als Coach für Entrepreneure.

Industry Experience

Other, Consulting/Auditing, Education, E-Learning, Research, Internet, Marketing & Advertising, Online Media, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Information Technology & Services, Psychology / Psychotherapy

My Interests

Entrepreneurship, Authentic Success, Success Blocks, Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Stress-Management, Online-Marketing, Marketing Funnels, Infopreneur, Thoughtpreneur *** German/Deutsch *** Entrepreneurship, Authentischer Erfolg, Psychologie, Positive Psychologie, Achtsamkeit, Yoga, Meditation, Stress-Management, Online-Kurs-Erstellung, Konzepte


I can coach in: Deutsch, English


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