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Are you a professional coach or an expert in the fields of business, personal development or IT? Register for free on Coachimo to earn money with your skills and expertise.

The advantages of being a Coachimo coach

Check out all the benefits of being a Coachimo coach or expert and create your free profile today.

Find new clients online
Creating your profile is free. Showcase your knowledge and tailored coaching offers to quickly and easily find more clients. Maximise your online presence with a Coachimo profile!
Branch into company coaching
We cooperate directly with businesses who are seeking coaches and experts. Get access to corporate clients!
Contact coachees directly
Find and contact coachees who are looking for someone with your skill set. Check out the Coachimo Blackboard.
Choose how and where you coach
With your flexible Coachimo profile you can set prices depending on where you coach, be it at home, online or at a café. You can also list travel costs.
Attract new clients with good reviews
A coachee that booked you over Coachimo can leave a review. Get lots of good reviews and attract new clients.
Get paid
Get paid for all the booked sessions within 48 hours after the first one took place. We’ll issue the invoice with the appropriate tax.

Coachimo’s commission model

  • No monthly fee
  • Only pay commission on the coaching
  • The fee reduces the more sessions you have sold

We believe in working together fairly. We only earn money when we manage to get you coachees. There is no monthly fee; we only charge a commission when you get paid by a coachee.

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Commission breakdown*
up to 5 hours 25%
6 to 10 hours 21%
11 to 15 hours 17%
16 to 20 hours 15%
more than 20 hours 12%

*Net Prices

The breakdown refers to all sessions booked via Coachimo and not to individual customers.

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Our data is hosted and secured on German servers

Coachimo’s data is hosted by the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany.

Code of conduct

Our goal at Coachimo is to match you with the right coachees. With our commission model, we only get paid when you get paid. We think this is more fair than a monthly fee.

We reserve the right to remove you from our platform if we notice that you have used Coachimo but bypassed the payment process.


Refer a coachee, coach or expert to the Coachimo community and earn rewards!

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We reward bookings made via Coachimo

We appreciate your loyalty and support you with more service, which we are continuously expanding.

Rank better

The more sessions you sell, the higher you’ll appear in our search rankings. And with many good reviews your visibility increases. Showcase your successes to gain more new clients.

Reduce your commission

The more you are booked over Coachimo, the lower your owed commission becomes. Once you’ve sold more than 20 hours on our platform, we only charge 12% commission.

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