About Us

Coachimo is an online marketplace for coaching and individual training. The marketplace is aimed at people who are looking for professional coaches and experts to help them develop or learn new skills or expand their existing knowledge.

How Coachimo came to be?

We have always been passionate about wanting to learn or improve our talents and skills. To do this, we went to community college classes, searched the Internet and Youtube or visited night school. Eventually, we realized that this may have led to an increase in knowledge in general, but did not fit to our individual needs, including time, location, and the content of the class. The idea came that it would be great to have a personal coach or trainer. We started to search for professional coaches but encountered a problem: a confusing market, with an inability to compare coaches, and little to no access to experts.

Coachimo is making the individual training and coaching market for professional coaches and experts more transparent, easier to compare and trustworthy.

Jennifer & Katja

Coachimo Team


Passionate photographer

Co-founder & director, project- & product management, customer support


Ambitious runner

Co-founder & director, business development, strategy & PR


Board- & video game master

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Green Blogger

Marketing, Social Media, PR


Ambitious athlete

Web developer - front-end & back-end



Passionate instagramer

Legal advice