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What is Coachimo?

Coachimo is an online marketplace for coaching and individual training. The marketplace is aimed at people who are looking for professional coaches and experts to help them develop or learn new skills or expand their existing knowledge.

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Become a Coach

Become a Coach

Are you a professional coach or an expert in the fields of business, personal development or IT? Register on Coachimo to earn money by coaching people in your skills!

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Register free of charge and let Coachees find you!

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Decide yourself when and where you want to coach and how much you want to charge.

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Become a Coachee

Do you want to develop a professional or personal skill? A coach can help you! With Coachimo you can find coaches to help you with business, personal development and IT skills.

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Register free of charge and in a few clicks you will find a suitable coach in your local area.

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Have a look at their work samples, references and evaluations to help you make a decision about which coach is right for you.

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Learn at home, at your coach’s house or in a café or another public place – your lessons take place wherever works best for you both.

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Choose from a bunch of friendly and enthusiastic Coaches to help you on your way to a greater understanding of the things that make your life more fulfilling.