Zeitmanagement, Argumentation, Mentaltraining, Realisierung von Zielen, Zielerreichung, Ziel- und Visionsarbeit


Throughout the years I have studied our work environment combined with how our brain is shaped to process information and interact with other people. By applying and combining scientific knowledge about how our human brains work and different psychological methods I support you in finding a strategy that enables you to move to the next level in life. This coaching is focused on your individual needs. Our daily lives often confuse and mix different feelings and informations together. This generates an interpretation and action that does not neccessarely need to reflect your goals or your true personality. In our daily lives it can therefore be of paramount importance to quickly be able to assess, analyze and separate between emotions, information, goals and visions. Especially when we go thru crisis. Feel free to contact me for further questions or feedback and I will be happy to support you in your personal growth.

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