Bianca P.

Pitch Coaching


Pitch Coaching geschrieben von Sven P.

Erwartungen seh....r weit übertroffen! Sympathischer Kontakt!!!

Als wir das mit dem Coaching gelesen haben, dachten wir erst, okay, wieder ein Coach der uns erzählt, dass man nicht so viel Text auf die Slides packen soll. Aber was Bianca mit uns gemacht hat, haben wir so nicht erwartet. Sie hat jede einzelne Slide von uns angepackt und unglaublich viele Tipps und ihre wertvolle Erfahrung eingebracht. Unser Pitchdeck ist nicht mehr wieder zu erkennen. Super, danke Bianca"


Pitch Coaching geschrieben von Jennifer M.

Pitch coaching for investors

For my first investor pitch I wanted to get a professional feedback concerning my pitch deck. So I reached out to Bianca and we had a one-on-one coaching session where she helped me to improve my pitch deck. Bianca has a lot of experience in pitching your idea to investors and she knows what key facts you need to show in a pitch deck. She also showed me how I can include storytelling to make it even more interesting for my audience. Finally I improved my pitch deck a lot. My pitch was pretty successful as I got good feedback from the investors and even could convince one investor for a second meeting. Bianca is a great pitch coach. She has tons of experience in the start-up world, is well connected and her skills as an actress helps to learn how to tell a story and how to improve your presentation skills. One benefit I got from her coaching as well was how I can handle my stage fright. I definitely will book her again when I will have my next pitch.