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Über mich

I am a Pitchtrainer. Mostly and most passionately for Startups and their public Pitches. But also for anyone who has interesting ideas to share. It's called public speaking.

Meine Ausbildung

My background lies in the performing arts and I am the happy offspring of a Technology-Entrepreneurs-Only-Family. Since 2012 I am coaching and training the pitches of tech-startups all over Europe.

Meine Erfahrungen

So far I've trained the Pitches for Wayra Germany, Telekom Hub:raum, Axel Springer Accelerator, Bayer Health Accelerator Grants4Apps, Infoshare Gdansk, Deutsche Bahn Accelerator, General Assembly London, Tech Open Air Berlin,,, EIT Digital, Climate Kic and Mlove Confestival.


Informationstechnologie & –dienste, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Kommunikation

Meine Interessen

Innovation. Technology. Big ideas. Humor. Humans.


Ich coache in English

Mitglied in folgenden Verbänden
Google launchpad mentors network

Meine Veröffentlichungen

I post a lot on Facebook. ;)

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